Battery Maintenance

Batteries Maintenance. Charged and ready to go!

Batteries. It`s not fair. You only ever notice them when they`re flat. That`s why you need efficient and reliable products that won`t let you down when you need them. 

At Tyres & More®, we stock leading brands in automotive batteries, so you don’t run out of power too soon. Whether your current unit is running low and needs to be replaced or you want to keep a spare on-hand, we have a solution for you.

Our step number one is to inspect your battery. It`s the key to long-lasting power. Our fitment technicians will ensure that its power source is running at optimum capacity, without leaks or corrosion while topping up your battery water

If you need it replaced, we stock leading automotive batteries for different vehicles and battery sizes. These include ATLASBX SMF, ATLASBX AGM, Duracell car batteries and more.

Avoid your batteries getting that flat feeling. Visit us today for battery maintenance.