Tyre size fitment guide


Find your tyre size

Reading your tyre size is easy, look on the side of your tyres and you will see numbers eg: 195/55 r16 87 V.

195 = tyre width
55 = tyre aspect ratio
r = radial
16 = tyre diameter
87 = load rating
V = speed rating

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Worn tyres pose a maningi safety risk! 

Those cool tread patterns formed by grooves (called sipes) aren`t random but are designed to deliver better handling in the dirt for offroad tyres and better road traction for passenger tyres. Sipes are also responsible for evacuating water from the tyre-road contact area to increase road holding in wet conditions. So it`s obvious that worn tyres are a no-no. Remember, the minimum legal tread depth is 1mm.

Tyre pressure

Follow the manufacturer`s guidelines for tyre pressure, taking into account if your vehicle is empty or laden.

  • Underinflation is the number one cause of blowouts because the lack of air pressure causes the tyre to flex beyond its limits. Underinflation also increases the rolling resistance of your vehicle, leading to increased petrol consumption and faster tyre wear.
  • Overinflation is equally bad. It decreases the area of the tyre that is in contact with the road, resulting in rapid and uneven tread wear.


Inflating your tyres with nitrogen, rather than good old-fashioned air, will cause them to run cooler, stay inflated longer and last up to 20% longer. There`s good science behind this, but we know you have better things to do with your time, so why don`t you just trust us on this.

Punctures and repairs

Like death and taxes, punctures are inevitable. Sooner or later you`re going to be stuck roadside with a tyre that`s going nowhere. The good news is that not all punctures are so bad that you have to replace the tyre. Some can be repaired, depending on the size and location of the puncture. Repairing an unsalvageable puncture can result in tyre failure, so never trust this decision to a roadside mechanic. Let a Tyres & More ® technician check it out and give you expert advice. It only takes a few minutes but could make a life or death difference, and frankly, we`re growing fond of you, so please stick around.