Tyre Rotation

Tyre and wheel rotation. Keeping your vehicle rolling.


It may sound like we`re talking about wheels going round and round. That`s what wheels do, after all. But no, that`s not the case.

Tyre and wheel rotation is when you swap the front and back tyres and wheels of a vehicle. You should do this because it evens out the wear of the tyre, and improves your car`s stability and traction.

At Tyres & More®, we can do this for you, and keep your vehicle running at its best.

Tyre rotation. Wheel rotation. We know them back to front.

Remember, tyre rotation is not always possible due to differing front and rear sizes on certain vehicles, as well as other circumstances. Visit one of our fitment centres for tests and professional advice as to what`s best for your vehicle.

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