Losing control on the road? Take the shock out of worn shock absorbers

Don`t think that all shock absorbers do is take the bumps, and potholes, out of South Africa`s road. If your shocks are worn out, you`re looking at far more serious problems, like poor steering, bad braking, and a dangerous loss of control.

At Tyres & More®, we offer everything you need to ensure a smooth ride, superior traction, and road handling that puts you in charge.

Superior quality and superior reliability with our shock absorbers and struts.

Our fitment centres throughout South Africa supply and fit a wide variety of the most trustworthy shock absorbers, including Gabriel shocks, KYB and Monroe shocks.

And don`t forget! For superior control and safety, have your shocks checked every 80,000kms. Visit our fitment centres, and our technicians will test them in just a few minutes.

Don`t let your shocks become a nasty surprise. Get in touch with our team today.