Keep your car wheels safely in place with Tyres & More® and McGard Wheel Locks, which are specially-designed lug nuts that lock your wheels in place. Usually, only four wheel locks are required for installation, one for each wheel, and the rest can use regular lug nuts. That one wheel lock per wheel is very important though, because regular lug nuts can be removed with ease by using a lug wrench. This is why wheel locks were developed: to protect custom wheels from theft.

The uniquely patented lock requires a special key to be fitted and removed, which gives the car owner peace of mind in knowing he or she is the only one who can remove them.

Wheel and tyre theft is a huge inconvenience to car owners. Wheel locks are a preventative measure to deter thieves who might remove your car wheels or tyres, and because each of the McGard wheel locks is unique, it becomes impossible to remove without the matching key. McGard is also continuously refining and improving their wheel lock system, which are made to OEM standards for safety and durability.

Additional features that make McGard the preferred supplier of wheels locks includes: user-friendly keys, eight different hex key sizes, extra narrow groove key patterns which are computer generated and allow for an infinite number of key patterns, pristine structural integrity by being through-hardened and tempered, precision threads and bearing surfaces, and the industry`s best chrome plating.