Wheel Repair

Don`t reinvent the wheel. Just get it repaired.

You`d be surprised at the difference that buckled or cracked rims can have on a car`s good looks. Fortunately, there`s an answer to getting that showroom shine back without breaking the bank.

At Tyres & More®, we can help keep your car, and its wheels, looking great, and running safe.

Behind the wheel repairs that keep you behind the wheel.

We`ve partnered with Wheel Collision to launch Wheel Collision Xpress Rim Repair. These facilities allow for our technicians to assess wheel damage with an X-Ray machine.  Our extensive and affordable wheel repair services ensure that your vehicle stays safe and looking smart for years after you bought it.

Full wheel refurbishments are completed at Wheel Collision Branches in Johannesburg, Pretoria, Cape Town, and Durban.
Why buy new when you can repair it? Get in touch today.