Tyre Safety Tips

Five words you can’t argue with. Keep your tyres properly inflated!

Here are some tyre safety tips

Don’t invest in a new set of tyres, without knowing what you can do to enhance their performance, safety, and lifetime.  

Correct tyre pressure will help you get the maximum life from your tyres. It also optimises ride comfort and fuel economy. 

Warning: Driving with uneven tyre pressures on different sides of your car could result in loss of control when braking or accelerating. The balance of your car is also upset, and tyre wear will be uneven.

  • Over-inflation: Lack of grip, undue wear and tear, and fabric pile damage. These are the dangers of over-inflated tyres. And that’s just the beginning of it. 
  • Under-inflation: Abnormal deflection. Excessive heat build-up. Fabric damage and separation failures. Yes, under-inflated is just as problematic as over-inflated.

So, make sure your tyres are great under pressure. Visit us – you won’t regret it.